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Donate Now for a New Day in Jacksonville

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SAFE NEIGHBORHOODS - Our City must have safe neighborhoods. We need to increase the number of empowered first responders by “recruiting the brightest” talent and by offering competitive compensation and benefits, coupled with providing the latest technology.

FOCUSED GROWTH - Our City must control growth for a brighter future. We need land use policies that accommodate growth and foster development density to optimize existing infrastructure for effective, efficient, and resilient growth.


FISCAL STABILITY - Our City must control tax burdens and spending. We need to fund economic development incentives with full transparency that reflects public priorities and optimizes investment returns.

HUMAN SERVICE - Our City must provide critical services to those in need. We need services that promote dignity for veterans returning to civilian life and residents in need of behavioral health services.


NEIGHBORHOOD JUSTICE - Our City must treat all neighborhoods fairly.  We need neighborhood integrity, which means fair taxes and equitable services for everyone.

Individual freedom allows people to unite within neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods serve as the foundation of local government.

Local government protects human rights and individual freedom.


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